Tips for Keeping Your Computer Healthy华夏彩票官网

tips for keeping your computer healthy
Whether you have a new computer or are running an older system, we wanted to share our tips for keeping your computer healthy. Here are some simple tips to help you keep your computer running as smoothly as possible.
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A new security threat has been discovered--Shellshock, also known as the "Bash bug" for affecting the Bash program in Linux and Unix systems. You may have heard of this as it has been compared to Heartbleed, the virus that hacked into data on millions of computers this summer. The main issue that system administrators are experiencing with Shellshock is that it affects "a common bit of code that is used all over the place," according to Robert Graham, security expert and CEO of Errata Security. Currently, nobody knows exactly how to fix Shellshock and solving the overall problem has been estimated to take months to years, though security companies and even the US Department of Homeland Security have been releasing patches to help aid affected servers.  
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Back to School Special! Ends 8/31/14华夏彩票官网

We're having a stellar Back to School Special for all you students (and even non-students)! Enjoy 20% off any one Nerd Crossing service from now until August 31, 2014. The secret code: "Nerds Rule"
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Beware of Fake Windows Tech Support华夏彩票官网

Hey nerds! A lot of you may have received calls from "Windows tech support," "Dell tech support" or something similar. Don't let them dupe you! These are fraudster calls from scamming companies trying to take your money by giving you worthless software, or even sometimes software that's infected with Trojan viruses. 
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How to Back Up Your Data华夏彩票官网

Treat your computer as though you’re a dancer at a hip hop concert. Back it up. There are hundreds of reasons why you might lose your files. You could have a virus, a hacker,yourcomputer could be too dusty. While there are ways of preventing these, you should also have a plan B, and that’s data backup.
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Signs You’ve Been Hacked华夏彩票官网

To start this off, it’s important to note that if you do discover any of the following signs, you should contact Nerd Crossing immediately. Being hacked is serious business and it could cost you big time. Your computer could break, costing you all your files. Your bank account could be wiped out. Your personal information could be sold online. We’ve discussed how to protect yourself from malware and viruses (link), but here is how you can actually tell if your computer has been hijacked. 
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Have a Nerdy Summer!华夏彩票官网

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How to protect from malware华夏彩票官网

Chances are, you have been a victim of a virus or malware. Whether it was on your computer to gather banking information, view personal files or spam others’ emails, most people have been exposed to some sort of malicious virus, spyware, rootkit, etc. 

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